Lisa de Bye
This is the official trailer of the film ALEX (2021). ALEX is a film about a young woman named Alex who lost her little sister ten years ago. Alex does not know how to live without her sister and is afraid to show her pain to the world. Together with Alex, we lose ourselves in her thoughts by entering Alex’s dream world. In this dream, Alex relives some old memories of her sister and tries to process some aspects of her loss. She knows she has to continue living without her sister. Will Alex be able to let go of her sister Ella? Director & Writer: Lisa de Bye. Producer & Editor: Didi Spaans. Director of Photography: Roeland Bentvelzen. Sound designer: Yorick Sedee. Music composer: Nestor Romero Clemente. Colorist: Bruno Ramos. Title design: Jordy de Lat. This short film is a tribute to anyone who had to cope with loss. Locations of the film: WONDR Experience, Amsterdam Grand Hotel Karel V, Utrecht Rhijnauwen, Utrecht