Kimo Voorbraak

Office + house

Office + house

(auto-translated from Dutch)

We are working on a 1st year short student fiction film. The fictional film is a short family drama with dementia as the theme. We are looking for 2 locations for this: an office and a house (of which we prefer to be able to make full use of the ground floor)

We are a small crew of 4 people, with 4 actors. What I am looking for is:

A house (not an apartment) with enough space for 7 people. In addition, it is ideally easily accessible, both by public transport and by car. The shooting days for which we need this location are March 5 and 8 all day. We also prefer a location in Brabant.

The office. Here we are with a crew of 4 people, and with 2 actors. This office can either be a separate office with a single desk, or a larger open-plan office. The shooting day for this is March 2. We also prefer this in Brabant, due to travel time and costs.

We're actually looking for something where we can film without any costs. We could always arrange a small compensation.