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Wanted: Young adults 20-30 years old for commercial - July 23

Wanted: Young adults 20-30 years old for commercial - July 23

(auto-translated from Dutch)

For a new commercial for an airline, we are looking for two young adults (friends or couple) who want to play as travelers in our production.

What do we offer?
Let us know what compensation you require for this.
Otherwise, we can of course also come up with a proposal.

professionele productie


You will play travelers who go on holiday by plane. One of you sits on a suitcase and is pushed by the other. It should be a scene full of fun and enthusiasm, perfectly capturing the excitement of the start of a holiday.

Age: 18-28 years
Are you a real couple or good friends? Then sign up together.
But you can also sign up alone. Then we try to find a nice match.
Previous acting experience is desirable
Comfortable in front of the camera and in an airport setting
Energetic and playful

No spoken text, you can only be seen on screen

Language requirements

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