Arne van der Heijden
audio eng, location, color grading, post-production, mixing
Nieuwegein / NL
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I have more than 20 years of experience in providing audiovisual services with an important focus on Film, TV & Online video. It is with great pleasure that I think along with you about creating a film or high-quality live stream with which you can get in touch with your target group or clientele. Cooperation in a friendly atmosphere is always the basis for the best and most beautiful result. In addition to Livestream, Online video and Film & TV, I am also happy to assist you with the recording or post-processing of image and sound. As well as providing camera work and aerial imaging for commercials and documentaries. For recording on location I have all the materials and the set at home is fully equipped with Pro Tools Ultimate and DaVinci Resolve Studio. With great passion I provide tailor-made solutions in the field of sound and image for your next production. Arne van der Heijden is a graduate of the SAE Institute (final grade 9.0), senior lecturer Audio and certified DaVinci Resolve Fairlight end user.

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Film & Drama
Maatschappelijk (Goede Doelen)

Sound recording for Film, TV & Online Video Audio post-processing Aerial imaging Camera work Live sound Conference, Event & Livestream Audio course

​Ik werk met een state-of-the-art field audio recorder/mixer set (dual-slot recording) geschikt voor zowel stand-alone opname (los draaien) als direct de camera in.
Meerkanaals audiobestanden compleet met volledige metadata (track naam, scene naam, notities in PDF bestand)
24-Bit 192KHz | 2-10 kanaals Poly Broadcast Wave Format + iXML ondersteuning.
Support voor mono, stereo, Mid-Side en 360° Audio (ambisonics).
Tijdcode in/uit + tijdcode (draadloos) voor 3 camera's, gesynchroniseerd met audio bag.
​De juiste microfoons voor zowel opnames binnen- als buiten.
Microfoons van Neumann, Røde, Sanken, Sennheiser, Slate Digital, Sony en Audio-Technica.
4x Sony Professional zenders/ontvanger t.b.v. condensator- en lavelier microfoons.
Monitoring- en bediening op afstand van recorder & alle tijdcode devices.
Audioretour (draadloos) voor 3 personen.

Professionele 6K camera's | Arri Rec709 LUT | Super 35 sensor |
EF lens mount | Blackmagic RAW & ProRes 422.
Resoluties: 6K | 6K 2.4:1 | 5.7K 17:9 | 4K DCI | Ultra HD | 3.7K 6:5 anamorphic | 2.8K 17:9 | HD.
DZOFILM Pictor Zoom Professional Cinelenses 20-55mm + 50-125mm T2.8 Parfocal & Geared.
Tilta Nucleus-Nano Wireless Lens Control System.
PolarPro BaseCamp System VND2-5 + VND 6-9 + Circular Polarizer Filter.
Professionele 7" 3000 nit Super Bright HDR Monitor | Custom LUT ondersteuning incl. transmitter t.b.v. 2e (wireless) 7" HDR Monitor voor regie of focuspuller.
Samsung T5 SSD + Sony Tough SD-Card.
Sachtler System aktiv6 flowtech75 tripod.

DJI Drone, UHD: 4096×2160 (DCI 4K) | 3840×2160 (4K) | 2704×1520 (2.7K) | FHD: 1920×1080 | HD: 1280×720.

Representatieve auto.

software knowledge
Avid Pro Tools
Blackmagicdesign DaVinci Resolve Fairlight certified end user

Commercial, Documentary, Internet film, Music Video

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Arne van der Heijden
Nieuwegein / NL
audio eng, location, color grading, post-production, mixing