Johann Krijger
voice-over, voice acting, storytelling, cartoons ect.
Hilversum / NL
about me
After being hospitalized with Corona in December 2021, I had to have my left leg amputated in 2022.

Relevant experience Sinterklaas films as black/soot Piet - Participated as an extra in the film 'the Promise of Pisa' and as an Edel extra in a short film 'Freakshow' together with Bas Heerkens (known from GTST), in my younger years on stage.

I record voicemail, voice-over, commercial, documentary and text from books in a natural, warm, dark brown voice (bass-baritone). But also recording nice voices for cartoons or other audiovisual productions.

Relevant voice acting training and workshops include reading and recording books, magazines, newspapers, etc. for the blind (as a volunteer) Storyteller of fairy tales for children in schools and blind children.

I can do a lot with my voice and have recorded many commercials, fairytales or voice-overs in the past.

Microphones: RØDE NT1- RØDE NT2A Condensator- Devine M- Mic XLRB2- Condensator JM47

Preamp: Klark Teknik 3RD DIMENSION BBD-320 BBD

Digitale Recording: BOSS Digital Recording BR16 (16 Sporen)

Mixer: Studiomaster XS12 Monitoren

Monitorspeakers: 2x actieve Devine

Headphones: 2x Headphones Phillips

Headphone Amplifier: HPA4 (LD systems)

Audio Interface: Montu M4 (USB) - Steinberg UR22C USB 3 AUDIO Interface - PreSonus ioStation 24c DAW audio controller- interface

Controller(s): PreSonus Faderport 8 DAW Production Controller

software knowledge
Line FL Studio Signature Bundle DAW- Performer- Movavi Video Editor

Audacity 3.3.3 - MixPad Multitrack - Adobe Premiere Pro 2023 - Studio One 6.5 professional

Corporate film, Commercial, Documentary, Internet film

Johann Krijger
Hilversum / NL
voice-over, voice acting, storytelling, cartoons ect.