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Movie Fighting Course by Geoffrey Thompson

Geoffrey Thompson

Movie Fighting Course

We pride ourselves with having internationally specialized knowledge and experience in making quality fight scene's come to life. By having worked with Hollywood working stuntmen down to amateurs who have no screen fighting experience, we know how to get the best out of our students.

We provide custom made training programs for professionals or those who want to reach the quality action industry professionals deliver. Ask us about our Movie Fighting Course "Showreel project" and all the premium options we can provide in making your own action production.

Email: [email protected]

Movie Fighting Course

Hello Movie Fighters,

The latest Movie Fighting Courses are a resounding success!
We are especially proud of our "Showreel Project" of which you can see the end product of some of our male and female students in the link below.



Do you also want to participate in our courses, workshops or perhaps a VIP trajectory?
Please send us an email to receive our newsletter for updates. We are also happy to help you with subsidy options to make your learning process financially easier.

What you can expect from the Movie Fighting Course:

Teaser Workshop
Come try out a teaser class where you learn the basics and go home with a fight scene shot on mobile. If you attended the teaser workshop, you can deduct the costs of your first Movie Fighting Course package. For the first group we have a max of 12 people. Send me an email if you want to secure a spot.

Basic Movie Fighting Classes:
You take classes where you learn the basics of film fighting in a small group.
Once a week you will receive 3 hours of lessons (in the evening) in a group of max 8 people (a minimum of 4 people is required for this to take place).
You take lessons for at least 4 weeks
To participate. Costs: € 230 per 4 weeks.

Premium Movie Fighting Course:
You follow an 8 week program where at the end you know the basics of film fighting and have a fully filmed fight scene of yourself.
In the 1st 4 weeks you will receive 3 hours of lessons (in the evening) once a week in a group of max 8 people.
In the 2nd 4 weeks you will learn the working process of previs and the choreo with a cameraman (2x 3 hours in the evening) and in the 1st 2 weeks
last 2 weeks we shoot a video on location (a full day every week).
Costs: € 800,-

VIP Movie Fighting Course:
You will discuss your wishes with us and we will see what is possible within your budget. Here we go together in the writing process of your production and look at your wishes in terms of body stunts, fighting styles and weapon techniques. So that together we can realize your dream scene.

Send us an email if you have any questions or if you want to stay informed!

Email: [email protected]

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