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Last Chance: English Masterclass for Camera-Acting
faaam - film actors academy amsterdam

THE WORKING ACTOR – 7 weeks of masterclasses!...only for professionals.

All training in English, starts on November 18th 2019 and will last until January 17th 2020.

In seven weeks you will work on yourself as an actor in the cut throat international business of acting.
Masterclasses that can be very confronting: how do you think you come across? How do others see you?cYou will train your personal performance and your audition skills with the help of coaches and professionals who are in the current film industry. You will work on your presentation to the outside world: your casting photos, website, business cards and showreel.
You will get tips & tricks:
How can you stay “up to date” with what's happening in this industry?
How can you improve your own branding with Google, Facebook, Instagram, IMDB, etc.?

Aside from all of the above mentioned; you will get training and insights from Alex Murphy, an American actor, director and coach, who teaches you camera-acting with the Stanislavski method.
With William Sutton you will work on 'The Speaking Actor', where we will tune into the English-language performance with possible dialects and accents.
Stijn Westenend will train you on shifting in emotions and how you can really learn to use the power of silent acting.
Sara Visser, educated at faaam and the Stella Adler Institute in New York City, performed in several American productions as CSI Miami and comes across to teach you how to make an effective selftape.
These series of masterclasses will be a rollercoaster of information, assignments and training.

If you really want to be successful in this industry, it starts with yourself and daring to work really hard for it.

A professional castingshoot is included in ‘The Working Actor’
For more info and applications, please send your CV and motivation to [email protected] TODAY!

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