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Canon C100 MkII
Koen Suidgeest



The Canon C100 mkII is a true and reliable work horse which shoots beautiful HD video. Purchased in late 2015, but the hour counter is only at 385 since I only shoot for my own productions and not for others. Shoots MP4 and AVCHD on SD-cards (two slots for extra safety). Comes with three additional full-size Canon batteries (PB-975), besides the half-size one that comes with the kit. Each battery lasts about 6 hours.

What I like about this camera is that it is very versatile and relatively compact. When filming in HD at 25fps, a 64 Gb card (not included) will fit about six hours of recorded footage. And it's modular - you can make is smaller or bigger depending on your use.

The lens pictured is not included. Buying this kit new currently costs € 3.576 (€ 2.799 for the body and € 259 for each additional battery). Mine is still in very good shape and has little use. I am selling it for € 1.950. You are welcome to come and test it.

info: [email protected]

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Bericht geplaatst door: Koen Suidgeest
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Op: 15-02-2020 / 335 x bekeken
Categorie: camera apparatuur
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