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Kinefinity terra4k body

Video Spuger

The TERRA 4K is the entry model of the Kinefinity camera line.The TERRA features a high-speed & dual-iso 4K CMOS image sensor, with a sub-S35 image format (crop factor of 1.85 over FF).

The TERRA sensor size can be virtually enlarged by the use of Kinefinity’s own speedbooster to a crop factor of 1.3.

the TERRA 4K can record 4K wide up to 100fps and up to 240fps in 2k. At the same time, its rolling shutter effect is very low (8ms) and comparable to the Arri Alexa (6ms) and much better than cameras like the Sony Fs7 (15ms) or Blackmagic Ursa (16.3ms).

The Terra has two analogue gain circuits, supporting you with two native iso’s : 800 and 3200 iso. Due to its dual iso mode, the camera can create very low noise images at 3200 iso.

The Terra can Record in open gate mode (1.5 aspect) giving you more vertical resolution than 4k DCI. Therefore the TERRA is perfect for anamorphic lens shooters.

TERRA camera body weighs only 920g, and its size and weight is only a fraction of the other so-called MINI cameras in the cinema market.

The TERRA is a modular camera and can be fully rigged up as a full feature cinema camera or shrunken down for light weight gimbal work.

The feature rich TERRA can be expanded by upgrading it with the univeral KINEBACK-W which adapts with 4 screws to any of the Kinefinity cameras. With the Kineback-w you get 2 sdi ports, timecode port and a sync port. You get two phantom powered xlr ports for high quality audio and a v-mount plate to adapt industry standard batteries

TERRA can be powered and controlled with theKineGRIP, with the addition of the 5inch Kinemon you get a very small run and gun form factor.

The TERRA records in all sorts of ProRes flavors, on industry standard ssd 2.5 inch.



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Op: 07-03-2022 / 589 x bekeken
Categorie: camera apparatuur , overig
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