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Looking for experience in Art Department/Set Dresser

Alex Blondeau

I am Alex, a French/American Object and Spatial Designer living in Eindhoven. I have worked over the past two years on a variety of projects, ranging from conceptualising spatial settings to designing graphic visuals.

I am looking for an assisting/freelance/helping out opportunity to gain experience within the film industry and more specifically the Art Department and Set Dressing. I’ve always had a passion for film, I have some experience in low-budget productions and some proficient skills in making that I could contribute to.

Here is what I can offer:
- Having completed a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Object, Spatial and Contextual Design, I’ve developed into a skilled storyteller who can turn abstract ideas into tangible props and physical settings
- I have a broad imagination and vast creative skills, and I can communicate ideas in a variety of methods, including mood boards, technical drawings, making props, to building and decorating sets
- I am proficient in Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, AutoCAD and I am an excellent maker who is not afraid of getting my hands dirty on the job
- I have my driver’s license (no car)
- Travelling is not an issue for me

In terms of experience, I have experience in exhibition design, from drawing the layouts to set-ups. I also have experience in sourcing for props, addressing matters with suppliers, reporting back to the Art Directors, giving me great multitasking and time-management abilities.
Above all, I am a dynamic, very hands-on and versatile person who isn’t scared to face unforeseen obstacles on a daily basis.

If you think that you have a great opportunity for me where we can learn from each other please do not hesitate to contact me ([email protected]) and let’s have a chat :))

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Op: 30-03-2022 / 470 x bekeken
Categorie: Stagiaires , 18-30 , Vrouw , Onervaren / nieuw talent , Marktconforme betaling/vergoeding , Lowbudget betaald (naast onkosten ook betaling) , Onkostenvergoeding (bv reisvergoeding)
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